Frequently Asked Questions

For Employers

Who is the SumoShift mobile app for?

We will be developing an Employer app soon. Watch this space!

Who is the SumoShift web app for?

This is predominantly for the Employer at present. The website is where employers can see detailed analytics of their usage and hires, as well as create job opportunities when they need staff.

How do payment of shifters work?

Depending on which pricing plan your business selects or is assigned, you can either pay Shifters yourselves directly, or have those payments handled by SumoShift at a charge. The date of payment will also be dependent on this pricing plan. Either the Hiring agent will state the date of payment, or SumoShift will pay the Shifter’s wages and invoice the Hirer retrospectively.

What are the charges for the service?

SumoShift offers a flat rate subscription charge with various pricing tiers dependent on your hiring needs.

Alternatively, SumoShift can also offer select businesses the use of their payroll processes with a percentage charged on the hourly rate of each successful hire. Inline with current recruitment practices.

Who is responsible for processing taxes?

If you’re part of SumoShift’s subscription plans, the onus of processing taxes will lie with the Hiring agent and the Shifter. Contracts and contract templates are accessible on the platform for those working relationships.

For the businesses who use SumoShift’s payroll, taxes and the processing of taxes are included in the service charge.

How are Shifters vetted?

We vet Shifters ID for their right to work in the UK. This is done in person and we do request that Shifters bring their relevant ID with them to the start of shifts.

What happens if I can't find anyone suitable to fill my shift?

This can happen on occasion. Though we notify all Shifters of the shift opportunity, the option to apply is purely at the Shifter’s discretion. What we would advise, it to give Shifters as much notice as possible.

How can I cancel a shift?

You can cancel a shift up to 4 hours ahead of the shift start time. Beyond this point, we expect both the business and Shifter to honour the agreement. Failure to do so with have repercussions for both parties.

A hiring agent can cancel a shift should a Shifter be notably unsuitable for the role within the first 2 hours of the start time of the shift. SumoShift may look to aid the hiring agent in finding a suitable replacement, if possible.

For Shifters

Who is the mobile app for?

The mobile app is in place for Shifters on the go. You can download the SumoShift app via the AppStore and Play Store.

Who is the SumoShift web app for?

SumoShift is working towards creating more analytics and tools to help track your earnings, reputation and work history. For the moment we’ve focused on Shifter mobility, but a website portal for Shifters is coming soon.

How do payment of shifters work?

SumoShift will pay Shifters for their hours worked on behalf of select businesses. Otherwise, the Shifter will receive payment directly from the Hiring business. The organisation responsible for paying the Shifter, and when, will be specified within each opportunity advertised.

What are the charges for the service?

There are no charges to the Shifter in joining the platform.

Who is responsible for processing taxes?

If you’re paid directly by the Hiring Agent, the responsibility of processing taxes will either reside with the Hiring Agent, or most likely, yourselves. You can contact SumoShift for support on how to do this.

For roles where SumoShift pays you directly, we will also process your required tax and NI contributions.

How are Shifters vetted?

Once you’ve uploaded your proof of ID and right to work in the UK, we will verify your account once we have had a face face interview, where you will need to bring the original documentation. Then you’re ready to apply!

You will also need to check job specifications and requirements, as there will be occasions you will be requested to bring your ID with you at the start of the shift.

How will I know if I’ve been successfully hired?

The hiring decision lies solely with the business who posted the job opportunity. If you are successful, you will receive a notification to state you’ve been hired, otherwise, you may opt in/out of a reserve list, should the shift become available again.

How can I cancel a shift?

A Shifter can cancel a Shift up to 4 hours ahead of the start time of the shift. Beyond this point, the Shifter is expected to honour the agreement made between themselves and the hiring business.

Cancelling shifts and no shows will affect a Shifter’s reputation against their profiles Visible to any future potential hirers.

No shows may be permanently removed from the platform.

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