Privacy Policy

This page explains the privacy policy for SumoShift and how we will use and protect any information we collect about you when you visit this website.

SumoShift takes the privacy of our clients and candidates seriously. We are an employment agency and employment business, operating in the gig economy for short term employment.

1.How we receive information and how we may use it

SumoShift receives your personal data when you create a Shifter or Hirer account via the SumoShift website and/or download and signup to the SumoShift mobile application. This statement explains how we process personal data received into our organisation. When you register with SumoShift you MUST consent to us collecting and storing your personal information. You will not be able to submit your enquiry or details to SumoShift without consenting to us storing your personal data. This may include but is not restricted to your name; contact details; address; employment history; mobility and education. During telephone conversations and face to face interviews we may collect personal information with regard to employment preferences, strengths and work experience which may be stored on your personal record. This information facilitates our ability to support your job suitability and to provide a basis for recommendation should a Hiring Agent from an Hirer account request it. By explicitly providing consent when you register with SumoShift you are providing permission for our storage of this information. SumoShift will never share personal information with a third party without your explicit consent. Due to the nature of recruitment, a significant number of candidates reconnect with our organisation periodically. It is not uncommon for this to occur sometime after suspended use of the platform. For this reason, your consent includes explicit consent to retain your personal details until such time as you wish us to delete your records from our database or refrain from further engagement. If you do not consent to SumoShift storing your personal data or setting up a personal registration for you, please contact SumoShift us via chat on the website [] stating your name, or email Without receipt of consent you will be unable to apply for opportunities on the platform.

2. Job Alerts and Career Advice

We may on occasion contact candidates stored in our database who are not actively looking for a new role via SumoShift in-app alerts. When you contact SumoShift you may be asked to tick a box indicating that you consent to us storing the personal data you have provided. By providing consent to our storage of your personal data you are also providing consent to receiving alerts of opportunities in your area, or chosen industry. You are not obliged to accept the opportunities on offer, as being a Shifter enables you to act as your own employment agent. Which is why you are informed of all available shifts.

3. Our Promise to our candidates

We will never share our candidates’ personal details with a third party on the candidates’ behalf. You effectively provide consent for your information to be shared at the point of applying for the position and sharing your Work History, Experience and Reviews.

4. Contacting SumoShift representatives directly

If you contact SumoShift directly and request they consult with you regarding your job search, or regarding a particular job role, you are giving your consent to SumoShift processing your email and the data contained within your email for lawful purposes, as per section 1 and 3 above. By amending and updating your profile on SumoShift, you are giving consent to SumoShift processing and storing that information, as per section 1 and 3 above. As referred to in section 3 of our privacy notice, you effectively provide consent for your information to be shared at the point of applying for a position and sharing your Work History, Experience and Reviews.

5. Request to have personal data amended

It is likely that over time your employment history will require updating as you continue to grow through your professional development. SumoShift will not edit or update your profile on your behalf, but will retain the right to use the amended information as per sections 1 and 3 above. Under the GDPR you have the right to ask for access to your personal information. Once SumoShift have verified your identity we will provide the information you requested within 30 days, if there is information stored that is not readily available to you. However, SumoShift will strive to make full transparency of your profile and accrued data available at all times. In the unlikely event you find personal data stored about you by SumoShift is inaccurate, you must endeavour to update your information as soon as is convenient.

6. Request to have personal data removed or deleted

Upon receipt of a request to delete an individual’s personal registration, SumoShift will ensure your personal record is deleted within 30 days. Where a Shifter has successfully been selected for a role, SumoShift are required to retain evidence of that placing so that contractual obligations can be met by the Hiring Agent or Hirer. Where SumoShift have previously received permission to share personal information with a third party, for example during an application for a shift, we undertake to advise the Shifter of third parties who hold your personal information should you wish for all SumoShift related data be removed. SumoShift and any third party who has used your data will, however, be subject to the requirements of Employment Law and Data Protection Act 1988 and 2003 to retain details or work and earnings for no longer than is necessary. In the event that you wish to be erased from our database you should contact with a clear request including your full name and contact details. Please make it clear that you wish to be erased, rather than simply marked as no longer job seeking.

7. Notification of Breaches

SumoShift are aware of our responsibility as an Employment Agency and Employment Business to protect your information and to only share details with third parties upon receipt of your explicit consent. All of our systems are protected and only SumoShift staff and consultants working for SumoShift have access to the personal information stored in your profile, but information relevant to successfully obtaining a shift, such as Work Experience, Work History and/or Reviews, will also be accessible to Hiring Agents and Hirers for the purposes of establishing a Shifter’s suitability. In the unlikely event our computer systems are compromised and there is a potential loss of confidentiality we will report this breach to you. In the unlikely event personal data is taken or exposed from SumoShift records without our consent, we will provide reports surrounding that exposure within 72 hours of being notified of such an event and take any action necessary to restore security of your personal data.

9. Access

If SumoShift receive a request for access to personal information we will verify your identify before releasing your personal data to you. We will not release information to any third party. If you would like to make a request for access to your personal information please contact: Alternatively you can contact us by writing to us at: SumoShift Compliance Wesley Clover Innovation Centre Chepstow Road Coldra Woods Newport NP18 2YB

10. Complaints procedure

If you have a complaint about the way your data is stored or handled by SumoShift, please contact us at:

SumoShift Compliance
Wesley Clover Innovation Centre
Chepstow Road
Coldra Woods
NP18 2YB

11. Escalated Complaints

If you remain unhappy with the handling of your data you can complain to the ICO.

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

12. Changes to our Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be changed by SumoShift at any time. Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be updated on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at